Frederik B. Bang Award


The Frederik B. Bang Award was established by the Stanley Watson Foundation to recognize a substantial body of significant research accomplishment by an outstanding senior investigator, whose contributions to the endotoxin field extend over many years. The award is generously supported in perpetuity by an endowment from the Trustees of the Stanley Watson Foundation. 

The award honors Frederick B. Bang (1916-1981), a remarkable biomedical investigator at The John Hopkins University School of Medicine. In his endeavors, Dr. Bang often made use of marine organisms to gain insights into biological phenomenon of clinical significance. In addition to his interest in bacterial endotoxins, Dr. Bang had broad research interests in other areas of host defense including hepatitis and parasitic diseases.

The award was established and first presented in 1985, but due to lack of funds it was not again awarded until 1996, then under the direction of the IES (now the IEIIS). The recipient of the Bang Award is chosen by the IEIIS Bang Award Committee.


2018           Chris Whitfield
2016           Kevin J. Tracey
2014           Stefanie Vogel
2012           Shizuo Akira
2010           Petter Brandtzaeg
2008           Bruce Beutler
2006           Christian Raetz
2004           Shoichi Kusumoto
2002           Ernst Th. Rietschel
2000           Sheldon Greisman
1998           N/A
1996           Chris Galanos
1985           Jack Levin