Honorary Life Membership


Honorary Life Membership in the IEIIS is an honor that is bestowed upon individuals who have made significant contributions throughout their careers to the knowledge and understanding of bacterial endotoxins and innate immunity. According to IEIIS constitution, one individual may be selected each year to receive this honor, though exceptions to this have been made. Nominations are made by the society membership prior to each biennial conference, and the recipients are chosen by the Governing Council.


2021           Koichi Fukase
2020           Jerrold Weiss
2019           Martine Caroff
2018           Otto Holst
2017           Stefanie Vogel
2016           Alan Cross
2014           Jean-Marc Cavaillon
2013           (not presented this year)
2012           Sadaaki Iwanaga, Barnet Sultzer
2011           Ulrich Seydel
2010           Shizuo Akira
2009           Robert Munford
2008           Peter Elsbach
2007           Shoichi Kusumoto
2006           Ernst Th. Rietschel
2005           Jack Levin
2004           Jon (Tony) Rudbach
2003           David Morrison
2002           Herbert Morgan, Malcolm Perry
2001           Johanna Schlosshardt
2000           Arthur G. Johnson
1998           Masayasu Nakano
1996           Sheldon Greisman
1995           Tetsuo Shiba

1988 to 1994
                  Louis Chedid, Walter Goebel
                  J. Yuzuru Homma, Otto Lüderitz
                  William R. McCabe, WTJ Morgan
                  Mary Jane Osborn, Anna-Marie Staub
                  Lewis Thomas, Dennis W. Watson
                  Otto Westphal