Hot Article I10 October, 2015
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A.G. Cuenca et al. 2015. Innate Immunity 21:386-91. 

Delayed emergency myelopoiesis following polymicrobial sepsis in neonates.

   The term “emergency myelopoesis” has been used to describe the reconstitution of bone marrow and splenic innate immune cells that occurs after myeloid cells, particularly neutrophils, have emigrated into the blood in response to inflammatory stimuli.  These authors used a septic mouse model to show that emergency myelopoiesis is delayed in neonates and that, contrary to expectation, neither MyD88 nor TRIF was necessary for emergency myelopoiesis to occur in either neonates or adults.   Uncovering the players that control such rapid production of myeloid cells should be very interesting.