ICI Conference

ICI Conference 


The 2013 symposium was a satellite meeting of the 15th International Congress of Immunology (Milano, Italy) held at the Villa Forno, Cinsella Balsamo in Milano. 
Organizers: Francesca Granucci, Francesco Peri, Jerrold Weiss 

"The high quality of speakers, a good blend between immunology, structural biology, biochemistry and chemistry, and the charming ambience of the ancient Villa Forno have greatly contributed to this success."

Meeting Highlights

  • Molecular and structural requirements for activation and antagonism of MD-2/TLR4 by endotoxins and endotoxin-like compounds and by compounds unrelated to lipid A/endotoxin including oxidized host lipids (R. Jerala; J. Weiss)

  • Application of single molecular fluorescent techniques to determine stoichiometry of TLR4 signaling complex (C. Bryant)

  • Regulation of assembly of oligomeric Myddosome complex by activated TLR4 and by other activated TLRs (J. Kagan; C. Bryant)

  • TLR- and C-type lectin (CLR)-triggered macrophage activation: global analyses of protein phosphorylation and transcriptional regulation (R. Lang)

  • Signaling databases reactome (http://reactome.org) (PV Garapati)

  • Non-lipopeptide TLR2 agonists and structural models of TLR signaling (O. Holst)

  • Structural and functional properties of LPS from Burkholderia species infecting patients with cystic fibrosis (A.Molinaro)

  • Design and characterization of synthetic TLR4 agonists and antagonists (F. Peri; A. Zamyatina; G. Pirianov)

  • TLR4 antagonism and neuroprotection (A. Mariani)

  • Multi-functional roles and actions of CD14 (I. Zanoni)

  • NLRP3 and Alzheimer’s disease (D. Golenbock)

  • Role of Bcl-3 in initiation of immune response (I. Tassi)

  • RNA specificity of TLR13 (C. Kirschning)