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Dear Current or Prospective IEIIS Member,


As the most influential professional association of research scientists and clinicians dedicated to the study of host-pathogen interactions and their myriad consequences, IEIIS relies upon your support to further basic, translational and clinical research, advance education through its biennial meetings, provide a voice to political leaders for sustainable worldwide research funding, and provide assistance to scientists at every stage of their careers.


This is an opportunity for yourself, as well as trainees or other colleagues, to either renew your membership or to become part of the IEIIS ‘community’ for the first time.  IEIIS members are entitled to a 20% reduced article processing rate for the society’s official journal Innate Immunity as well as a discounted registration rate to attend the society’s highly-regarded biennial international scientific and business meeting.  The meeting sites alternate between the USA, Japan, and Europe, providing international opportunities for scientific interaction with researchers in wide-ranging and related areas of work.


Other benefits of membership include:


  • Joining a network of experienced scientists who can give advice and help on project and career issues/development
  • Speaking/presenting at internationally attended meetings (2021 meeting: Kobe, Japan)
  • Active Membership now includes 2 free Student Memberships
  • Involvement in smaller meetings during main meeting off-years
    • A unique opportunity for trainees, and young and mid-level investigators to meet with highly accomplished scientists whose seminal discoveries underpin the fields of endotoxin biology and innate immunity
  • Ability to apply for student travel grants for the IEIIS biennial meetings
    • Includes up to $750 USD and a waiver of registration fees
  • IEIIS Newsletter
    • News about members and meetings; special articles and contact information
  • Opportunities
    • Become involved via Council or committee membership
  • Vote in IEIIS elections

We hope you will act upon this opportunity to renew your membership or join a unique and vibrant group of fellow researchers to share your scientific findings and ideas, and ensure the advancement of your career and those of your trainees and colleagues. 


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Thank you again for your membership and support.



Yours sincerely,


Koichi Fukase (IEIIS President 2018-2020) 

Timothy Sellati (IEIIS Membership Chair)