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IEIIS/SLB Joint Meeting 2018 information

Myeloid cells: Development, environment and inflammation
Chairs: David Underhill (IEIIS/SLB), Darren Lee (SLB), Egil Lien (IEIIS)
October 14-16, 2018. Save the dates!
Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass, Chandler, Arizona, USA
We are excited to present the 15th biennial IEIIS meeting and 51st annual SLB meeting in a beautiful Southwestern US setting, a short travel (20-30 minutes) from Phoenix. This is the 4th time IEIIS and SLB (Society for Leukocyte Biology) join forces – past joint meetings (2006, 2010, 2014) have been very successful.

We are assembling a great program. Proposed session topics include: Inflammation and cell death in host-pathogen interactions; Myeloid cell development, differentiation and novel functions; Ligands of Innate Immunity: structure and function; Metabolism and physiology in inflammation; Best of JLB and Innate Immunity; Neutrophils and phaogocyte functions; Metabolism and Physiology in inflammation; Leukocytes in immune privilege sites; inflammatory signaling; host receptors and microbes; the Microbiome in inflammation and immunity.

There are plenty of opportunities for presenting your work! We will have plenary sessions, break-out sessions, selected oral presentations, poster presentations, award presentations and of course plenty of time for networking and catching up with your colleagues and friends.


Check meeting updates on the IEIIS or SLB web sites:
See updated meeting flyer here and program draft here.
The venue:

Wildhorsepass Resort