Meeting History


The Society holds a biennial international scientific and business meeting of the members at a time and place determined by the Governing Council. The meeting sites alternate between the USA, Japan, and Europe, providing international opportunities for scientific interaction with researchers in wide-ranging and related areas of work.

IEIIS Biennial Meeting Site Locations

2018           15th Biennial Meeting:       Chandler, Arizona, USA (SLB & IEIIS Joint Meeting)
2016           14th Biennial Meeting:       Hamburg, Germany

2014           13th Biennial Meeting:       Salt Lake City, Utah, USA (SLB & IEIIS Joint Meeting)
2012           12th Biennial Meeting:       Tokyo, Japan
2010           11th Biennial Meeting:       Vancouver, BC, Canada (SLB & IEIIS Joint Meeting)
2008           10th Biennial Meeting:       Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
2006            9th Biennial Meeting:        San Antonio, Texas, USA (SLB & IEIIS Joint Meeting)
2004            8th Biennial Meeting:        Kyoto, Japan
2002            7th Biennial Meeting:        Arlington, Virginia, USA
2000            6th Biennial Meeting:        Paris France
1998            5th Biennial Meeting:        Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
1996            4th Biennial Meeting:        Nagoya, Japan
1994            3rd Biennial Meeting:        Helsinki, Finland
1992            2nd Biennial Meeting:       Vienna, Austria
1990            1st Biennial Meeting:        San Diego, California, USA 


Other Meetings

          2012      15th International Congress of Immunology       Tokyo, Japan